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At Airnetic, our mission is to provide reliable and hassle-free oxygen solutions to the veterinary market. We understand that veterinary hospitals need to operate at their highest capacity to maintain their bottom line and provide exceptional care to animals. That’s why we have developed oxygen generators that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the veterinary market. Our ‘Always Operating’ promise guarantees that our systems will always be operational, providing a steady supply of oxygen to support animal patients and allowing veterinary hospitals to focus on delivering high-quality care. We are committed to building strong relationships with our customers and providing exceptional service and support to help them succeed in protecting their bottom line while ensuring animal patients receive uninterrupted oxygen support.

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Leaders In Veterinary Oxygen Solutions

With a wealth of experience in the veterinary industry, Airnetic stands out as a leader in delivering innovative oxygen solutions. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the needs of animal hospitals and practices, and is dedicated to providing top-notch products and unparalleled customer support. Trust in our experience and let us help you take your animal care to the next level

Stop Ordering Oxygen Tanks, Generate Your Own

Airnetic’s veterinary oxygen generators allows you to generate your own USP93 certified source of oxygen for veterinary operations. “Free Oxygen” eliminates the need for bulk H-tanks and associated safety concerns that come along with moving those tanks in your hospital. Moreover, the recent lack of reliability and availability that comes with ordering bulk tanks becomes a non-issue with Airnetic’s system. With an impressive recapitalization rate, Airnetic’s oxygen solution offers a financially sound investment, experiencing clientele having recapitalized within 6 months while streamlining operations and enhancing patient care.

Effortless Oxygen Solutions with Airnetic

We understand the importance of seamless integration and ongoing support for our customers. That’s why our veterinary oxygen generators are designed for easy installation and come with dedicated support and maintenance programs. Our team is always available to provide expert assistance, ensuring that your practice is up and running smoothly, and your patients receive the oxygen they need, whenever they need it.

Start Reducing Your Oxygen Supply Costs Today!

The Airnetic On Demand Oxygen Generator system is USP 93 Certified oxygen with reliability and efficiency. Its compact design, user-friendly controls, and comprehensive monitoring and alarm features make it the perfect choice for any veterinarian looking to ensure their patients receive the best care possible.


Why More Veterinary Professionals Choose Airnetic, Hear Real Stories From Our Customers.

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Airnetic Oxygen On Demand

The Future is Oxygen On Demand, With Airnetic

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way animal hospitals and veterinary practices provide oxygen therapy to their animals. We are located in Las Vegas, NV, our company was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing high-end professional-grade on-demand oxygen systems specifically for the veterinary sector. With a commitment to innovation and growth, we are proud to be the leading veterinary oxygen solutions in the country. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible products and customer support to help animal care facilities to the next level.

Reliable and Efficient Source Of Oxygen

Airnetic’s veterinary oxygen generators provide a steady flow of oxygen, ensuring that your patients receive the support they need, when they need it.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our system offers an impressive recapitalization rate, while also eliminating accessibility and reliability issues associated with traditional tank systems.

Easy Installation and 24/7 Dedicated Support:

Our veterinary oxygen generators are designed for easy installation and come with dedicated support and maintenance programs to ensure seamless integration into your practice

Environmentally Friendly

Airnetic’s oxygen solutions eliminate the need for traditional oxygen tanks, reducing the environmental impact of your animal care operations.

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Airnetic Veterinary Oxygen Generators

High Quality Oxygen On Demand

Be prepared for emergencies with Airnetic’s high-quality oxygen on demand. Choose from three cutting-edge models to meet your veterinary practices needs. Reliable and efficient, Airnetic ensures that your patients receive the care they need, when they need it.

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The Pulse of Veterinary Oxygen Therapy

Explore the world of veterinary oxygen generators with the Airnetic blog. Our experts share insights and news to help improve animal care. Join us for informative and interesting articles.