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Preventative Maintenance Program

At Airnetic, we understand the critical role our Veterinary Oxygen Generator systems play in ensuring the health and well-being of your patients. That’s why we proudly introduce our comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program, designed to keep your system operating at peak performance.

What’s included:

  • Certified Technician Visits: Our program comprises two scheduled service visits per year from a certified Airnetic technician. These experts will conduct a thorough system check and evaluation to identify any potential issues before they impact your operations.
  • Complete System Cleaning: We prioritize the longevity of your equipment. During each visit, our technicians will meticulously clean your system, ensuring optimal functionality and preventing any build-up that could compromise performance.
  • Comprehensive Component Check: We go beyond the basics. Our technicians will assess all accompanying components to guarantee everything works seamlessly together. This includes verifying the functionality of valves, filters, and any other integral parts of your Airnetic system.

Trust in Airnetic for a Preventative Maintenance Program that goes above and beyond industry standards. We prioritize the health of your patients by ensuring the reliability of your oxygen supply.

Remote Monitoring Technology:

Elevate your veterinary care with Airnetic’s cutting-edge Remote Monitoring Technology. Designed to provide real-time insights into your oxygen usage, this technology offers a proactive approach to system management.

Key Features:

  • Environmental Settings Monitoring: Stay in control of your veterinary environment. Our Remote Monitoring Technology allows you to track and manage crucial environmental settings, ensuring the optimal conditions for your hospital.
  • Usage Optimization: Tailored to your needs, our system monitors how often your facility utilizes oxygen. This not only ensures proper sizing and utilization but also identifies potential inefficiencies or overuse, allowing for timely adjustments.
  • Leak Detection in Real Time: Swiftly address potential issues. Our technology is equipped to detect periods of overuse and pinpoint any potential leaks in real time. This proactive approach ensures that you can take corrective action before issues escalate.

Integrate Airnetic’s Remote Monitoring Technology into your system for a smarter, more efficient, and secure veterinary oxygen solution. Ensure the well-being of your practice with real-time insights and unparalleled peace of mind.

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airnetic preventive maintenance program

Performance Check

As a member of The Airnetic Preventive Maintenance Program, our Authorized Airnetic Technicians conduct regular performance checks to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency. Each Performance Check includes 19 separate systems tests designed to fully assess the operational performance of:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Articulations and Connections
  • System-wide leak prevention
  • Fans and Vents (Dust/Debris/Dirt removal)
  • Hour Meter Accuracy
  • Flow Meter Accuracy and Settings
  • ATF Isolation Process and Mechanicals
  • Compressor Operational Efficiency
  • Booster Operational Efficiency
  • Oxygen Purity Accuracy
  • Intake/Exhaust (+cleaning)
  • Fuse & Breaker Functionality
  • Control Box Efficiency
  • Auto-Switchover Systems Efficiency
  • Combo-Box Functionality
  • Tank Assembly stability & performance
  • Remote Alarm Systems
  • Overall System Integration

Your Authorized Airnetic Technician will review the results of the inspection with you on-site and provide full documentation of your System Performance Check.

Airnetic’s Preventive Maintenance Program is a labor/service-only plan and does not include the cost of any repair parts that may be required. Your technician will review any items in need of repair and provide documentation accordingly. If repair parts are required, a cost estimate for the parts will be sent to your designated hospital representative.