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Remote Monitoring

airnetic remote monitoring

Integrate Remote Monitoring

Into Your Airnetic System Management

Ensure the well-being of your practice with real-time insights from this smarter, more efficient, and secure technology.

Key Features:

  • Environmental Settings Monitoring:
    Stay in control of your veterinary environment. Our Remote Monitoring Technology allows you to track and manage crucial environmental settings, ensuring the optimal conditions for your hospital.
  • Usage Optimization:
    Tailored to your needs, our system monitors how often your facility utilizes oxygen. This not only ensures proper sizing and utilization but also identifies potential inefficiencies or overuse, allowing for timely adjustments.
  • Leak Detection in Real Time:
    Swiftly address potential issues. Our technology is equipped to detect periods of overuse and pinpoint any potential leaks in real time. This proactive approach ensures that you can take corrective action before issues escalate.
airnetic remote monitor

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Veterinary Oxygen Generator with Airnetic’s Advanced Remote Monitoring Program

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At Airnetic, we’re not just about providing veterinary oxygen generators; we’re about offering a complete, cutting-edge solution that ensures your facility operates at its best. Our Remote Monitoring Service is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Airnetic Oxygen Generator, offering unparalleled oversight and insights into its operation. Here’s how our service transforms your experience:

Continuous Environmental and System Monitoring

Continuous Environmental and System Monitoring

  • Real-Time Environment Tracking: Our device is discreetly installed in the Medical Gas Room, monitors ambient room temperature and humidity, ensuring the environment is always optimal for your oxygen generator.
  • In-Depth Generator Insights: With a sensor extension inside the generator, we track internal temperature and humidity, along with operational states—know when the generator is on or off at a glance.

Proactive Management and Alerts

  • Instant Alarm Notifications: Set customized thresholds and receive immediate alerts if any parameter exceeds its limit. Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time notifications.
  • Unusual Activity Monitoring: Our system is on the lookout for anomalies, such as leaks, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Monthly System Status Reports: Receive detailed monthly reports on your system’s status, including environmental conditions and generator performance, like the one from February 2024, showcasing total oxygen generated, cycle counts, and average run times.
  • Environmental and Performance Analysis: Our reports offer insights into temperature and humidity levels, both in the Medical Gas Room and inside the generator, ensuring you’re informed of the conditions affecting your system’s efficiency.

Exploring the Benefits, Leveraging Airnetic’s On-Demand Systems for Your Veterinary Oxygen Requirements Through Remote Monitoring.

Sample Environmental Conditions Report – Medical Gas Room

Metric Example Data Why It's Useful
Start Date February 1, 2024 Indicates the beginning of the monitoring period, setting a clear timeframe for data analysis.
End Date February 29, 2024 Marks the end of the monitoring period, helping to contextualize the collected data over a specific duration.
Total Days 28 Shows the length of the monitoring period, essential for understanding the scale of data collected.
Total Cycles 460 Provides insight into the generator's operational frequency, indicating its workload and usage patterns.
Average Cycles Per Day 16 Helps evaluate daily operational consistency and predict future usage patterns, aiding in maintenance planning.
Average Daily Run Time 5 hours, 10 minutes Indicates the average duration the generator is active each day, offering insights into daily oxygen production needs.
Average Time OFF 1 hour, 11 minutes Understanding the downtime helps in assessing the system's efficiency and operational availability.
Average Time ON 18 minutes Reflects the efficiency and response rate of the generator, showing how quickly it can meet oxygen demand.
Total Time OFF 548 hours, 6 minutes Cumulative downtime data helps in identifying patterns or potential issues requiring maintenance or operational adjustments.
Total Time ON 144 hours, 51 minutes Total operational time provides a direct measure of the system’s output capacity and reliability over the period.
Percent of Time ON 21% Gives a quick overview of the system's operation relative to the total time, illustrating its duty cycle and efficiency.
Oxygen Generated (Liters) 782,190 Quantifies the total oxygen produced, crucial for meeting clinical demands and planning for capacity needs.
Oxygen Generated ($) $5,280 Translates oxygen production into financial terms, offering insights into operational costs and revenue potential.
Veterinary oxygen generator remote monitoring

Advantages for Veterinary Practices

  • Enhanced Reliability:
    Continuous monitoring and immediate alerts mean you can trust your oxygen generator to perform when needed, without unexpected downtime.
  • Operational Insights:
    Understand your generator’s usage patterns, optimize its performance, and anticipate maintenance needs, saving time and resources.
  • Peace of Mind:
    Knowing the exact state of your oxygen generator and its environment lets you focus more on what matters most—providing excellent care to your patients.
  • Financial Efficiency:
    With detailed reports on oxygen generation and system performance, manage your resources better and potentially reduce operational costs.

Why Airnetic?

Choosing Airnetic’s Remote Monitoring Service means investing in the reliability and efficiency of your veterinary practice’s oxygen supply. With our technology, you gain not just a product but a partnership committed to the well-being of your patients and the smooth operation of your practice. If you are interested in obtaining more information on how our remote monitoring service works please do not hesitate to contact us today!