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*based upon estimated national average cost of oxygen per liter*

Frequently Asked Questions

What size system would I need?

At Airnetic, we work closely with your team to determine the amount of oxygen that is needed now and projected into the future. the system(s) for your veterinary hospital is sized based on our detailed examination of your needs. The Airnetic system is scalable so growth can be as easy as adding to the system.

Are there restrictions on using generated oxygen for our patients?

The oxygen provided by the Airnetic system is USP93 certified which is authorized for use in the veterinary field.

What certifications does your oxygen meet?

Airnetic is NFPA USP93 certified and UL Certified

What happens if we lose power?

Default of the system will be to switch to your reserve backup system of oxygen. Airnetic offers a battery backup that will allow your veterinary hospital utilize oxygen stored in the Airnetic tank, some facilities with consistent power situations do have the generator on their backup power system. For pricing and more details please contact or call 702-776-1998.

How do we know your system is working properly?

The Airnetic system produces oxygen and fills the Airnetic tank(s) to 165psi oxygen, as your hospital utilizes this oxygen. The pressure in the Airnetic tank reduces, when it reduces to 150psi, the oxygen generator(s) will start generating oxygen back into the tank, once re-filled back to 165PSI the generator goes into standby until needed again.

How much space do I need for your system?

This varies based on the sizing of the system you need. We routinely fit into existing tank rooms.

What other equipment do I need to operate your equipment?

None, our system is complete with oxygen generators, tanks, and control systems. We do recommend that you have a manifold with reserve/backup tanks which would be supplied by you.

If I need more oxygen in the future what do I do?

When Airnetic sizes the generator(s) for your Veterinary Hospital, the hospitals plans for growth in the future are put into consideration. The Airnetic control box that comes along with the Airnetic generator and tank, can connect to up to (6) of the Airnetic Generators, the space would be prepared for growth with the addition of another Generator by Airnetic to allow for a seamless addition to supplement the new oxygen needs.

If we need support how do we get it?

Airnetic offers 24/7 support, Please call (800)923-6711 or email .

Do you offer maintenance and monitoring programs?

Airnetic offers a Preventative Maintenance Program for all generators – this includes (2) Preventative Maintenance visits annually to allow our system to be Always Operating to meet the hospitals’ oxygen needs. A 10% discount on parts is also included if replacement parts are needed. Please call 702-776-1998 or email for more information