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A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator – Airnetic – On Demand Oxygen

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Oxygen Therapy Recommended By Veterinarians For Over a Decade

The A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator from Airnetic is the ideal solution for veterinary practices that require 30lpm or less of oxygen and seek a reliable and efficient source of oxygen. This on-demand oxygen system is equipped with integrated systems technology and has a compact footprint, making it a convenient alternative to traditional tank systems. With its high-quality oxygen output, the A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator is a dependable choice for veterinary practices of various sizes.

Say Goodbye to Replacing Oxygen H Tanks Every Month

Tired of running out of oxygen or dealing with the hassle and expense of traditional tank systems? The A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator from Airnetic is designed to eliminate these pain points and provide a steady flow of oxygen at all times. The tanks are pressurized to 165 PSI and feature real-time oxygen purity readouts, ensuring the highest quality oxygen for your patients.

How The Airnetic On Demand Oxygen System Works

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A complete system to produce USP93 certified oxygen, available in 30-180 lpm increments. Our systems are customizable to fit the specific needs of your facility, providing the high-quality oxygen your practice requires.

Combo Box

Combo Box

Control and switchover in one. The A30 generator is connected via a control cable and an oxygen hose, the reserve tank(s) are also connected. With the control box there will be a three colored indicator light for each of the notifications the Airnetic generator produces.

airnetic tank

The Airnetic Tank

The Generator fills the Airnetic tank to 165 PSI, which ensure sufficient supply of oxygen pressure for your facility to receive 50PSI to all its required devices

Remote Alarm Light

Remote Alarm Light

The Airnetic Combo box will be connected to a remote indicator light in your treatment area and supply notification of any issues with your system

The Airnetic Veterinary Oxygen Generator Never Lets You Down

Don’t wait to upgrade your practice with the A-30 Veterinary Oxygen Generator from Airnetic. With its exceptional average equipment life, lower energy consumption, and lower decibel noise pollution, this on-demand oxygen system is the perfect investment for your practice. Plus, with 24/7 tech support and add-on flexibility, you can have peace of mind knowing that your oxygen needs are taken care of.

Airnetic Veterinary Oxygen Generator Features:

  • Integrated Systems Technology
  • Compact Footprint
  • Tanks pressurized to 165 PSI
  • Real-time oxygen purity readout
  • Internal component performance monitoring
  • Multiple remote alarm alerts
  • Oilless compressor technology
  • -100 oxygen dew-point
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower decibel noise pollution
  • Exceptional average equipment life (when properly maintained)
  • Add-on flexibility as the hospital’s patient list grows
  • 24/7 US based technical support line

Airnetic Veterinary Oxygen Generator Technical Specs:

  • Length: XX
  • Width: XX
  • Height: XX
  • Weight: XX
  • Other Dimensions and Details: XX

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