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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Dallas, Texas

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Dallas Texas Animal Hospitals Use AirneticImage courtesy of Britannica


Animal hospitals in Dallas are distinguished for their exceptional quality, significantly enhanced by Airnetic’s advanced technology. Airnetic’s Veterinary Oxygen Generators deliver a continuous supply of medical-grade oxygen, essential for critical treatments. The reliability and efficiency of their systems mark Airnetic as a key contributor to the advancement of veterinary care in Dallas.


Animal Hospitals In DallasImage courtesy of USA Today


About Dallas, Texas

Dallas stands as a prominent city in Texas and holds the title as the most populated urban center within the expansive Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex—the fourth largest metropolitan zone in the United States, home to about 7.5 million individuals. As the principal city of Dallas County, it also stretches into parts of Collin, Denton, Kaufman, and Rockwall counties. According to the 2020 census, Dallas boasts a population of 1,304,379, ranking as the ninth most populous city in the nation and the third in Texas, trailing behind Houston and San Antonio. Nestled in the North Texas region, Dallas forms the central hub of the largest metropolis in the Southern U.S. and is notable for being the largest inland metropolitan area without a direct maritime connection.



Highland Park Animal HospitalImage courtesy of Highland Park Animal Hospital


Highland Park Animal Hospital

Highland Park Animal Hospital is renowned for understanding the special place pets hold in families, thus ensuring the provision of the finest veterinary care in a compassionate and supportive setting. The veterinarians there are keenly aware of the pet owners’ dedication to their pets’ health and work diligently to develop customized health plans that cater to the specific needs of each pet. With a team that includes many Fear Free Certified members, Highland Park stands out in Dallas for its personalized approach to pet care, surpassing standard treatment protocols to truly meet the individual needs of each animal they serve.


Holt Veterinary ClinicImage courtesy of


Holt Veterinary Clinic

Holt Veterinary Clinic in Dallas offers top-tier veterinary care, boarding, and spa services for pets. Their team treats clients like family, giving each pet personalized care. The clinic emphasizes preventative care and wellness exams for pet longevity and health. It’s a full-service facility with advanced testing, diagnostics, and various care options. New patients are welcomed, with the team eager to meet them and their pets.


North Dallas Veterinary Animal Hospital In DallasImage courtesy of North Dallas Veterinary Hospital


North Dallas Veterinary Hospital

North Dallas Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary care, urgent care services, boarding, and grooming for pets in the Dallas area.

The hospital’s team is known for treating clients as part of their extended family and giving each pet the same love and care they would their own. They take great pride in being an integral part of the healthcare team for every pet they serve.

Understanding the importance of preventative healthcare, North Dallas Veterinary Hospital advocates for regular wellness exams to ensure pets lead longer, healthier, and more joyful lives.

Equipped as a full-service veterinary facility, they offer cutting-edge testing and diagnostics, along with a wide range of sophisticated care options. This includes both routine and complex surgical procedures, all focused on providing top-notch care for pets.

The hospital is always eager to welcome new patients and looks forward to establishing a relationship with pet owners and their beloved animals.


Rutherford Veterinary Animal Hospital in DallasImage courtesy of Best4Pets


Rutherford Veterinary Hospital

Rutherford Veterinary Hospital maintains adherence to the highest standards of veterinary medicine in the industry, striving to deliver exceptional veterinary care for every patient.As the oldest operational animal hospital in Dallas, TX, it boasts a rich history since its establishment in 1924. It has consistently provided care for pets in the East Dallas and Lakewood communities.

The hospital recognizes that pets are valued family members, whether they are covered in fur, feathers, or scales. The dedicated team at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital is trusted to address both the emotional and physical needs of pets, fostering a family-first philosophy. It stands as a generational pillar in the community, serving as the trusted family veterinarian throughout the years.


Veterinary Emergency Group DallasImage courtesy of Veterinary Emergency Group


Veterinary Emergency Group Dallas

At times, pets clearly need urgent help, while other times, they may simply seem “off.” Dallas emergency vets specialize in treating a range of urgent needs, from vomiting to complex surgeries, for various pets, including avians and exotics. The VEG approach stands out with open floor plan hospitals, pet-parent involvement, and a team always prepared for emergencies.

Located in Dallas’ Lower Greenville area, the emergency pet hospital is close to Highland Park, University Park, and Irving. It’s situated near the intersection of N. Central Expressway and Willis Ave.

Convenient parking is available in front of the hospital and along Willis Ave. In case of assistance needs, calling ahead ensures a VEG team member is ready to help at the door. Pets receive immediate care, ensuring owners can stay by their side.


Hillside Veterinary ClinicImage courtesy of Thrive


Hillside Veterinary Clinic

Hillside Veterinary Clinic, located in the greater Dallas area, offers a wide range of veterinary services for dogs and cats, encompassing primary, emergency, and urgent care. As a full-service companion animal hospital, it delivers a comprehensive array of treatments and procedures. The clinic is dedicated to delivering exceptional veterinary care throughout the lifespan of pets and aims to ensure high-quality client satisfaction for pet owners.


Revolutionizing Veterinary Oxygen Delivery

Airnetic, a leader in veterinary oxygen generator technology, is revolutionizing animal care in Dallas’ animal hospitals. Our systems address traditional challenges in oxygen therapy by delivering continuous, high-purity oxygen. Designed for the dynamic demands of veterinary clinics and hospitals, these systems offer a dependable solution. This innovation provides a reliable and safer alternative to cylinder oxygen, ensuring constant availability for pets in need.


Cutting-Edge Features For Enhanced Care

Airnetic’s oxygen generators are notable for their advanced features, such as real-time oxygen production capabilities. They can produce oxygen with up to 95% purity and include an integrated monitoring system for continuous operation. The compact design of these generators helps save valuable clinic space. Additionally, their energy-efficient design reduces environmental impact, making them ideal for eco-conscious practices.


Dedicated Support For Veterinary Professionals

In the veterinary healthcare community of Dallas, Airnetic is recognized for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Beyond providing state-of-the-art oxygen generators, Airnetic is synonymous with exceptional support and service. They facilitate the initial setup and also provide ongoing maintenance and education. This support allows veterinarians to focus on their primary task – caring for pets. This strong support network cements Airnetic’s role in elevating the quality of veterinary healthcare in the city.


About Airnetic

About Airnetic

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Airnetic, LLC was established in 2013 with a focus on providing top-tier on-demand oxygen systems for professionals. The company's specialty lies in catering to the veterinary marketplace, and it is poised to become one of the leading providers of veterinary-specific oxygen systems in the country, thanks to its rapid growth trajectory.