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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Winter Park, Florida

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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Winter Park Florida

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Winter Park, FL, has advanced veterinary care supported by innovative solutions from Airnetic. Airnetic, a leader in veterinary technology, is available to equip local animal hospitals with state-of-the-art Oxygen Generators, essential for managing both routine and critical care situations. These systems are crucial in providing seamless, medical-grade oxygen, enhancing the treatment capabilities of Winter Park’s veterinary hospitals.


About Winter Park Florida

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About Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park, located in Orange County, Florida, is a city with a population of 29,795 as recorded by the 2020 census. It is a part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. Established as a resort destination by northern business magnates in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Winter Park has evolved into a vibrant community.

The city’s central thoroughfare, Park Avenue, sits at the heart of the community. This bustling main street hosts a variety of civic buildings, retail shops, art galleries, and Rollins College—a private liberal arts college. Additionally, the area features museums, a park, a train station, a golf course country club, a historic cemetery, as well as a beach and boat launch, making it a hub of both cultural and recreational activities.



Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

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Winter Park Veterinary Hospital

Winter Park Veterinary Hospital is renowned for its commitment to quality animal care in Central Florida, a legacy passionately upheld by Dr. Robert Hess and his wife Jean for over 30 years. Dr. Hess, a native Floridian, has always had pets by his side and developed a strong passion for rescuing and caring for injured animals from a young age. This dedication led him to forge a long-standing partnership with Audubon and other organizations dedicated to supporting wildlife.

Founded in 1955, Winter Park Veterinary Hospital has established deep roots within the community. The Hess family took over the hospital in 1983, purchasing it from Dr. J.D. Lynch, and have since maintained it as a family-run business amidst a trend of local veterinary practices being sold to large corporations. In 2011, their eldest son Billy Hess returned to lead the Winter Park team after completing his graduate studies and a professional baseball career in Europe and other locations. As a lifelong animal lover, he is dedicated to continuing the family’s legacy and the story of the Winter Park Vet Family.


4 Paws Animal Clinic

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4 Paws Animal Clinic

Welcome to 4 Paws Animal Clinic, a full-service animal hospital that caters to both emergency treatments and routine care for pets. The clinic offers comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. Dr. Jacki Bert, who brings years of experience in treating serious conditions as well as providing regular pet wellness care, leads the clinic.

At 4 Paws Animal Clinic, the focus extends beyond providing first-rate pet care. The clinic is designed to be comfortable and kid-friendly, creating a calm environment where pets can relax in the waiting room and eagerly anticipate their consultation with the Winter Park veterinarian. This approach ensures that both pets and their owners have a positive and stress-free experience during their visit.


Garden Veterinary Clinic

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Garden Veterinary Clinic

Garden Veterinary Clinic was established by Dr. Kim Neitzel, a native of Orlando, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987, Dr. Neitzel dedicated her career to practicing veterinary medicine in the Orlando area. In 2013, she opened Garden Veterinary Clinic with the aim of reducing stress for pets and their owners during veterinary visits. The clinic was thoughtfully designed with an open floor plan and unique “half doors” in the exam rooms to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Neitzel was committed to providing not only quality and affordable veterinary healthcare but also ensuring a comfortable experience for both pets and their owners.

Dr. Erin Lindblad began her tenure at Garden Veterinary Clinic as an associate veterinarian. Recognizing Dr. Lindblad’s shared passion for caring for pets and their owners, Dr. Neitzel invited her to become a partner in the practice. As Dr. Neitzel approached retirement, she chose Dr. Lindblad as her successor, confident in her ability to uphold the clinic’s legacy of quality veterinary care. Dr. Lindblad took ownership of the practice in 2020 and continues to advance Dr. Neitzel’s tradition of honest, sincere, friendly, and compassionate veterinary service.


Winter Park 436 Pet Doc Hospital

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Winter Park 436 Pet Doc Hospital

Winter Park 436 Pet Doc Hospital boasts experienced veterinary teams that deliver high-quality care at an affordable cost, with minimal waiting times. The hospital operates across eleven locations, including Altamonte Springs, Haines City, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Orlando, St. Cloud, and Zephyrhills, Florida, specializing in small animal care, primarily for dogs and cats.

The hospital’s reputation for quality care, low costs, and short waiting times has earned a robust referral base from satisfied pet owners. Winter Park 436 Pet Doc Hospital is also known for its affordable vaccination services, with offerings like the $5 Rabies Vaccine being particularly well-received among its clientele.


McAbee Veterinary Hospital

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McAbee Veterinary Hospital

McAbee Veterinary Hospital was founded in 1962 by Dr. Harry S. McAbee, an Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine graduate of 1951, following his service in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. The practice was later taken over in 1991 by Dr. Scott W. McAbee, who also graduated from the same institution in 1990.

The hospital is staffed by 35 employees, including seven doctors whose combined professional experience exceeds 80 years. This team is dedicated to providing compassionate and up-to-date wellness care, diagnostics, and treatment plans for pets.

The staff at McAbee Veterinary Hospital is attuned to the unique needs of their clients and their pets. They recognize that each client’s needs may vary and believe that effective communication is essential to presenting reasonable care options.


Mayfair Animal Hospital

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Mayfair Animal Hospital

Mayfair Animal Hospital operates under the principle that veterinary care should be accessible to everyone. They emphasize that listening is their primary method of treatment and diagnosis for both the client and their pet. The team is committed to thorough communication, answering questions, and explaining the reasons behind their recommendations, which means they often spend more time on exams.

While not aiming to be the cheapest option, Mayfair Animal Hospital prioritizes making sure clients feel their questions are answered and their pets are well cared for. The hospital accepts walk-ins and drop-offs on most days during regular appointment hours, except for Saturday mornings. It is important to note that severely ill pets cannot be accepted as drop-offs, and an emergency fee may apply for some walk-in cases.


Airnetic’s Veterinary Oxygen Generator Technology

Airnetic’s veterinary oxygen generators utilize pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to deliver high-purity oxygen essential for veterinary care. The process begins by compressing air, which is then passed through a molecular sieve. This sieve selectively absorbs nitrogen while allowing oxygen to pass through, resulting in oxygen of high purity. This advanced technology ensures that veterinary clinics can rely on a consistent supply of oxygen, crucial for various medical procedures and treatments.


Maintaining Airnetic Oxygen Generators

To ensure optimal performance of Airnetic’s veterinary oxygen generators, regular maintenance is crucial. This maintenance typically involves cleaning or replacing filters, checking and cleaning the air intake, and periodically inspecting the molecular sieve for any signs of degradation. Adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines helps maintain the efficiency and longevity of the oxygen generator, thereby ensuring it continues to provide high-quality oxygen for veterinary needs.


The Importance of Oxygen Therapy in Veterinary Care

Oxygen therapy plays a critical role in veterinary medicine, especially in treating conditions such as respiratory distress, and heart failure, and during procedures requiring anesthesia. Airnetic’s oxygen generators contribute significantly to this aspect of veterinary care by ensuring that adequate oxygen levels are maintained in the blood. This is essential for the proper functioning of tissues and for supporting the overall health of animals during recovery. Oxygen therapy facilitated by reliable equipment like Airnetic’s ensures that animals receive the necessary care to recover from various medical challenges.



About Airnetic

About Airnetic

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Airnetic, LLC was established in 2013 with a focus on providing top-tier on-demand oxygen systems for professionals. The company's specialty lies in catering to the veterinary marketplace, and it is poised to become one of the leading providers of veterinary-specific oxygen systems in the country, thanks to its rapid growth trajectory.