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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Arlington, Texas

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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Arlington Texas

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Arlington, Texas boasts a robust network of veterinary clinics, greatly supported by the innovative solutions provided by Airnetic. Specializing in Veterinary Oxygen Generators, Airnetic delivers continuous access to medical-grade oxygen, essential for emergency and therapeutic care in animals.



About Arlington Texas

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About Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas, located in Tarrant County, is a prominent city within the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metro area. As of 2020, it is the second-largest city in the county and the third-largest in the metro area with a population of 394,266. The city is known for its educational and economic contributions, hosting the University of Texas at Arlington, General Motors’ Arlington Assembly plant, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region IV. Arlington also serves as a major sports and entertainment hub, home to the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, and notable attractions like the original Six Flags Over Texas and Hurricane Harbor. It is also the largest Texas city not serving as a county seat.



Animal Hospital and Clinic of Arlington

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Animal Hospital and Clinic of Arlington

Animal Hospital & Clinic of Arlington is a key provider of comprehensive pet care in the Arlington, TX area. Led by Dr. Melad Whaba, a licensed and seasoned veterinarian, the facility offers a full spectrum of services for pet-related needs. The hospital prides itself on being a full-service institution, encompassing preventative medical care, diagnostics, surgical procedures, and boarding services.

The staff at Animal Hospital & Clinic of Arlington is committed to providing both pets and their owners with the special care and personal attention they deserve. This dedication ensures that each visit is tailored to the unique needs of each pet and their owner.


Farrell Animal Hospital

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Farrell Animal Hospital

Farrell Animal Hospital is renowned for delivering top-quality veterinary care to pets in the community. The staff at Farrell Animal Hospital extends a family-like atmosphere to all clients and treats each pet as if it were their own. They take great pride in being an integral part of each pet’s healthcare team.

Recognizing the importance of preventative care, the team at Farrell Animal Hospital emphasizes that wellness exams are crucial for a pet’s long-term health, happiness, and longevity. As a full-service veterinary practice, they are equipped with state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics facilities, offer a comprehensive range of advanced care options, and perform both routine and advanced surgical procedures to ensure the highest standard of care for pets.

Farrell Animal Hospital is always eager to welcome new patients and looks forward to establishing a lasting relationship with you and your pet, aiming to contribute positively to their health and well-being.


Green Oaks North Pet Hospital

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Green Oaks North Pet Hospital

Located on N.E. Green Oaks Boulevard in north Arlington, Green Oaks North Pet Hospital is conveniently accessible to both Arlington and Grand Prairie residents. This full-service veterinary hospital is equipped to handle everything from routine to major surgeries, pet dentistry, and radiography. It specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of pet illnesses.

Additionally, Green Oaks North Pet Hospital boasts an on-site laboratory that supports quick diagnosis and treatment, complemented by a boarding facility for pets. As a proud member of the American Animal Hospital Association, Green Oaks North Pet Hospital is committed to providing high-quality veterinary care and adhering to stringent standards and levels of service.


Gully Animal Hospital

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Gully Animal Hospital

Gully Animal Hospital, established in 1981, has long been committed to providing exceptional veterinary services in Arlington, ensuring pets receive the highest standard of care. The team at Gully Animal Hospital is devoted to offering affordable, quality care paired with outstanding customer service, treating each pet with the same compassion as if it were their own.

As a full-service facility, Gully Animal Hospital manages a wide range of needs from routine vaccinations to urgent emergency situations. Recognizing that accidents can happen at any time, they provide extended weekday and weekend hours at no additional cost. The hospital also features grooming and boarding services, catering to all the necessities a pet might have.

The staff at Gully Animal Hospital takes great pride in their work, understanding that pets are cherished family members. They are dedicated to ensuring that each pet is treated with the utmost care and respect, reflecting their commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.


Arlington South Veterinary Hospital

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Arlington South Veterinary Hospital

Arlington South Veterinary Hospital is a well-established, full-service small animal veterinary hospital that has been serving the local community since 1993. The hospital holds accreditations from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and is Fear Free certified, both voluntary certifications that underscore its commitment to the highest standards of care.

Known for its dedication, care, and extensive experience, Arlington South Veterinary Hospital has earned a reputation for helping pets lead long, happy, and healthy lives. This commitment is evident in the trust and recognition it has garnered from pet families throughout the area.


Arkansas Lane Animal Hospital

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Arkansas Lane Animal Hospital

Arkansas Lane Animal Hospital has been a cornerstone of veterinary excellence in the Pantego, Dalworthington Gardens, and Arlington area for over 35 years. This full-service veterinary facility is recognized for providing professional care in a friendly, relaxed setting. The staff is celebrated for their knowledge, compassion, and understanding, which they extend to both pet owners and their animal companions. Additionally, the hospital holds accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), affirming its commitment to high standards of veterinary care.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical diagnostics and offers a wide range of services including dental procedures, preventive health care, routine checkups, and surgical procedures.

The mission of Arkansas Lane Animal Hospital is to deliver quality, compassionate animal health care while emphasizing professional development in all aspects of veterinary medicine. This mission guides the hospital’s operations and underscores its dedication to the health and well-being of the pets it serves.


Certification Standards Of Airnetic Systems

Airnetic’s oxygen systems meet rigorous safety and quality standards, being NFPA USP93 certified and UL Certified. These certifications ensure that the systems comply with national fire safety and health standards, providing peace of mind that the equipment is safe and reliable for veterinary use. Hospitals and clinics can trust in the Airnetic brand for their critical oxygen supply needs, knowing that the systems adhere to recognized industry standards.


Equipment Requirements For Airnetic Systems

The Airnetic oxygen systems are designed to be comprehensive and ready to integrate into veterinary practices without the need for additional equipment. Each system includes oxygen generators, tanks, and control systems. However, it is recommended to have a manifold with reserve or backup tanks, which would need to be supplied by the veterinary facility. This setup ensures that there is a continuous supply of oxygen, even in the event of a system failure or during maintenance periods.


Planning For Future Oxygen Needs With Airnetic

Airnetic takes a forward-thinking approach when sizing oxygen generators for veterinary hospitals. During the initial installation, considerations are made for potential future expansion to ensure that increasing oxygen demands can be met without disruption. The Airnetic control box, which supports up to six generators, allows for easy expansion. Facilities can add additional generators as their needs grow, facilitating an easy and efficient upgrade process that aligns with the hospital’s development and increased oxygen requirements.


About Airnetic

About Airnetic

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Airnetic, LLC was established in 2013 with a focus on providing top-tier on-demand oxygen systems for professionals. The company's specialty lies in catering to the veterinary marketplace, and it is poised to become one of the leading providers of veterinary-specific oxygen systems in the country, thanks to its rapid growth trajectory.