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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Irving, Texas

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Finding The Major Animal Hospitals In Irving Texas

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Local animal hospitals in Irving, Texas, are elevating their veterinary services through the integration of Airnetic’s cutting-edge oxygen technology. These Veterinary Oxygen Generators, crucial for a wide range of medical procedures, ensure that pets receive the best possible care during critical moments. Airnetic’s commitment to delivering continuous, medical-grade oxygen supports Irving’s veterinary professionals by providing the essential tools they need to treat pets efficiently and effectively.


About Irving Texas

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About Irving, Texas

Irving, located in Dallas County, Texas, is a key part of the Mid-Cities region within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex and serves as an inner ring suburb of Dallas. The city is recognized for its significant racial and ethnic diversity. According to the 2020 United States Census, Irving has a population of 256,684, ranking it as the twelfth most populous city in Texas and the 87th most populous in the United States. Notable features of Irving include the Las Colinas area, a mixed-use master-planned community, and a portion of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.


Story Road Animal Hospital

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Story Road Animal Hospital

Story Road Animal Hospital is nestled in the heart of Irving, Texas, and has been a cornerstone of the local pet community, serving Irving, Las Colinas, and Euless for many years. As soon as you enter, the family-friendly atmosphere makes you and your furry friend feel like part of their extended family.

Renowned as one of the most established veterinary hospitals in the area, Story Road Animal Hospital is committed to meeting all your pet’s needs. They offer a range of affordable services including vaccinations, comprehensive clinical care, and grooming. The dedicated team ensures that each pet receives attentive care, intending to send every family and their dogs or cats home happy and healthy.


Animal Hospital Of Valley Ranch

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Animal Hospital Of Valley Ranch

Residents of Irving, TX, and the surrounding areas looking for exceptional veterinary care will find Animal Hospital Of Valley Ranch an ideal choice. Led by Dr. Barry Chaikin, a licensed veterinarian with expertise in treating a variety of pets and animals, the hospital is committed to ensuring optimal health and well-being for your pets. The team strives not only to meet client expectations but to exceed them by offering high-quality medical and surgical care, treating both pets and their owners with respect, honesty, and compassion.

Animal Hospital Of Valley Ranch is a full-service facility equipped to handle both emergency and routine medical, surgical, and dental issues. The hospital environment is designed to be comfortable and kid-friendly, allowing pets to relax while waiting for services. It also provides educational resources to help pet owners make informed decisions about their pet’s care, focusing on nutrition and problem prevention.


O'Connor Animal Hospital

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O’Connor Animal Hospital

O’Connor Animal Hospital, established in 1997, serves the Irving, TX community as a private, local, general practice veterinary clinic. The clinic offers comprehensive pet care that includes puppy and kitten vaccinations, routine check-ups, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures, bloodwork, dental care, and more. It also provides veterinary, boarding, and grooming services to dogs and cats in the area.

Dr. Kang, along with his dedicated veterinary staff, demonstrates a genuine passion for animal care. They are equipped to meet a wide range of pet healthcare needs. The services at O’Connor Animal Hospital encompass veterinarian services, boarding, and grooming, with specialties in laparoscopic and orthopedic surgeries. This extensive range of services ensures that all aspects of pet health are addressed under one roof.


Low Cost Pet Vet

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Low Cost Pet Vet

Low Cost Pet Vet, located in Irving, is a full-service veterinary clinic that offers high-quality services with state-of-the-art equipment. The clinic strives to make veterinary care accessible and affordable with an exam and office visit fee of $45, alongside a discounted “Healthy Pet” exam fee of $25 for regular checkups.

The range of veterinary services provided by Low Cost Pet Vet is extensive and includes X-rays, spays/neuters with advanced electronic monitoring and anesthetic options, bloodwork, IV fluids, microchipping, wellness exams, vaccinations, professional dental cleanings for dogs and cats, heartworm treatment, and more. The clinic also offers ear cleaning, anal gland expression, treatments for itchy skin, parvo, and euthanasia. Specialized services such as diet and weight management plans, orthopedic surgery, cherry eye repair, pyometra surgery, parasite control, declawing, ACL surgery, diabetes testing and control, a complete pharmacy, flea and tick prevention, and treatment for urinary problems are also available, ensuring comprehensive care for pets.


CityVet Las Colinas

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CityVet-Las Colinas

CityVet-Las Colinas is delighted to serve the local community, offering a comprehensive suite of services including high-quality veterinary care, bathing and grooming, boarding, and a selection of healthy pet food and supplies—all in one location by a team passionate about pets’ health and wellbeing.

Grooming appointments at CityVet-Las Colinas are available Monday through Saturday. Beyond providing a fresh look and smell, grooming is recognized for its numerous health benefits for pets. The clinic often has availability within the same week for these services. Interested pet owners are encouraged to call today to schedule an appointment.


My Village Pet Clinic

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My Village Pet Clinic

My Village Pet Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all the healthcare needs of pets. The clinic is committed to supporting pet owners throughout their pets’ lives, from administering puppy and kitten vaccines to providing senior pet care and microchipping. In addition to routine care, the clinic specializes in emergency pet care, orthopedics, and in-house diagnostic testing, ensuring top-notch medical and dental care for animals.

The facilities at My Village Pet Clinic are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including digital X-ray capabilities and a fully equipped surgical suite for spay, neuter surgeries, and other medical procedures. This ensures that all treatments are performed efficiently and effectively.


Understanding Veterinary Oxygen Generator Technology

Veterinary oxygen generators operate using pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology, a sophisticated method that ensures the delivery of high-purity oxygen. The process begins with compressing air followed by its passage through a molecular sieve. This sieve is designed to selectively absorb nitrogen while allowing oxygen to pass through. The result is a continuous supply of concentrated oxygen, which is crucial for various medical applications in veterinary care.


The Critical Role of Oxygen Therapy in Veterinary Care

Oxygen therapy plays an essential role in the treatment of numerous animal health issues, including respiratory distress, heart failure, and during procedures requiring anesthesia. This therapy is pivotal in maintaining sufficient oxygen levels in the bloodstream, which is vital for the proper functioning of body tissues. Ensuring that pets receive adequate oxygenation helps stabilize critical conditions and supports overall health recovery.


Multi-Patient Support with Veterinary Oxygen Generators

Advanced models of veterinary oxygen generators are equipped to handle the demands of multiple patients simultaneously, thanks to their multiple flow meters or outlets. This capability is particularly crucial in emergency or surgical settings where several animals may require urgent oxygen therapy. By providing a simultaneous oxygen supply, these generators enhance the efficiency of veterinary operations and ensure that critical care needs are met promptly and effectively.


About Airnetic

About Airnetic

Based in Las Vegas, NV, Airnetic, LLC was established in 2013 with a focus on providing top-tier on-demand oxygen systems for professionals. The company's specialty lies in catering to the veterinary marketplace, and it is poised to become one of the leading providers of veterinary-specific oxygen systems in the country, thanks to its rapid growth trajectory.